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Penguin Pajamas

27 Jan

I hate the color of my living room.  It’s beige.  An ugly beige.  And I’m sick of looking at it…  Go to the bedroom?  Same color…

Day two of being a couch monkey.  I’d like to report that I’m feeling much better, but I don’t think that’s the case.  At best I’m feeling the same.  Boo.
The building manager who lives a couple floors above us stopped by this afternoon to drop off our rent statement.  Usually he just slips it under the door, but it just so happens that today of all days he couldn’t seem to get it to fit and knocked on the door.  I’m scrambling out from under my mountain of blankets to find a robe and trip over Alice who finds the most productive thing to do when someone knocks on the door or rings the buzzer is to hiss uncontrollably… Meanwhile, I’m yelling at him to hang on a second and finally answer the door in a bright pink robe and the fleece penguin pajamas my brothers gave me for Christmas.
“Oh… Are you not well?” is the first thing he says.  Gah… I hate being sick.

That was the excitement of the day.. I need a nap…

I’m sick of being in this apartment.

Couch Monkey

26 Jan

I hate being sick.  I know, who doesn’t?  But it’s not the actually feeling sick that I hate, although that’s a bummer too.  I hate not being able to do anything.  I came down with a cold 3 weeks ago and ‘lo and behold, it’s officially turned into bronchial pneumonia… and a sinus infection…  Therefore, both Jeremy and my doctor have pretty much forbidden me from leaving the couch or bed for the next 5 days…  No school, no Stitch and Bitch, no working out, no errands, no cleaning (oh darn 😉 )…  I. am. a. Couch Monkey.

I hate sitting still.  I’ve been a knitting maniac already and I’m sure before my 5 days are up I’ll have lots of pictures for you.  My Flying Saucer socks are almost done and they’re AWESOME!

Other than my current 5 days of vacation, school is going well so far.  I’m really enjoying my classes and professors.  I’ve recently decided to apply to Roosevelt’s Sociology graduate program.  Yikes, eh? 🙂 I never thought I’d be going to grad school so soon.  Crossing my fingers that 2 years from now I’ll have 2 degrees and a job. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m exhausted and am going to take a nap.  More later.

The Beginning of the End…

10 Jan

Je suis très bien!

Most people complain that 3 weeks of winter break are too short after usually having 5.  I argue that it was just about right.  I had a nice vacation full of sleep, knitting, getting old, and young adult adventure novels (my vice, you know 😉 ).

I just started my last semester as a degree-less student! 😉  It was a good day.  I loved my forensic anthropology class, but then again, I never really doubted I wouldn’t. (Suck on THAT double negative.  Or something).  I’m not going to lie, that was by far the most interesting class of the day.
My Native American Lit class and my American Lit courses went well, but they’re just the same old English class.  I don’t think I can sit through being taught how to write a literary question one more time..  Thankfully, I won’t have to.

I’ve officially decided that I won’t be going to graduate school for English or an MFA.  I don’t think either would do anything for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I in no way regret getting an English degree.  In fact, I think it was one of the most perfect subjects to usher me into adulthood.  It helped me learn how to think critically, to analyze things in front of me, and, most importantly, how to write.  That being said, I think I’ve gone as far as I’m able.  I can’t do much more reading a story, analyzing, and trying to come up with a unique paper topic.  That does nothing for me and does nothing to better the world.
I have a few ideas as to what comes next, but I’ll let you know next week when I have things a bit more figured out.

Tomorrow: African American Literature.  Wednesday: Criminology!

15 1/2 weeks until graduation, you know.


In other news, Jeremy and I are moving in with his parents at the end of February.  Our lease on our apartment is up and it makes more sense for us to move back to the suburbs, save a ton of money on rent, pay off some student loans, and, eventually, buy a house.
They bought a neat, old two-unit house a year or so again and have been doing a TON of work on it.  The rooms that are finished look WONDERFUL!!! 🙂  We plan on spending our weekends for the next several weeks helping them get it ready for four people and three cats to live in comfortably.  I knocked out a wall over the weekend.  It’s true, I’m a badass… 😉

I really am looking forward to being back in suburbia again.  I’ll miss the city, but I think it’s time, for now.  My friends are all graduating and moving (or have moved– CHRISTINE!) away.  I miss our family.  Being with them more often is worth the little bit of extra time it will take me to commute to the city.  It will also be nice to be living with my in-laws.  I don’t think we’ve spent nearly enough time with them since we’ve been married, and even before that.  Now they’ll get nice and sick of seeing us every day… 😉

tootles until tomorrows update. 🙂

ps. did you know that Whole Foods sells bath salts?  Yum.

Things That Go Bump…

8 Jan

I was just reminded why I usually do everything within my power to stay away from the horror genre:  my nightmares are more terrifying than anything I could ever watch or read.  Also, my imagination doesn’t need to ammunition.

There was a point in my life that nightmares would come constantly.  Then, suddenly, they stopped.  I had the occasional one here and there if what I had been doing before I went to bed was a little too exciting for my brain to process, but they never meant anything.  Slowly, but surely, they’ve been coming back.  They’re more than just random.  I have to believe, even if it’s to some small extent, that they mean something; that they’re purpose is to tell me something.
How do I know?  I wake up terrified, with my eyes on the ceiling, covered in perspiration.   It’s rare that I’m able to move, so I strain to make sure my husband is asleep next to me: I hear him snoring, feel him move, or, rarely, hear him mumbling something in his sleep because I’ve been thrashing.  The room is pitch black and as my fear begins to ebb, it’s often replaced with a sense of knowing, a feeling or piece of knowledge that something in my life needs to change; that I need to change.  It’s a feeling or knowledge so secure and so matter-of-fact that it sticks with me.  The fear rarely hangs on, but if there was some kind of message attached to it then it always hangs on.

A little heavy for my return from winter break?  Sorry.  3 am seemed like the perfect time to blog with the perfect topic 20 minutes ago… 😉  Suffice to say, my break has been a busy one, but a good one.  I had a birthday, we celebrated Christmas with our family, I saw Christine off to South Korea for a year, the new year was rung in, our plans to move in the next 7 weeks have been confirmed, and I’ve been waging war with Professor Lukasik regarding my creative writing grade (who didn’t see that one coming? 😉 ).  School begins on Monday and I’ll have much to write about then.

Off to do some demolition in 5 hours.  I think I need the distraction….