Blue Moon Cupcakes.

4 Oct

I would venture to say that Blue Moon Beer is one of Jeremy’s favorites.  It’s even a beer I don’t mind on occasion.  So when I found a recipe for Blue Moon cupcakes, I was all over it.

Blue Moon has a vague citrus taste to it and is normally served with an orange slice.  It also has that nice frothy foam on top.








Que, the cupcakes:                                                                                               They’re full of orange flavors.  From zest and juice to orange slice garnishes.  The frosting is like an orange meringue.  It’s nice and fluffy and light, but still sweet   Jeremy was happy to taste test one when he got home from work. 😉  We took half to dinner with his family and he took the rest to work today.  Yum.

I might not enjoy cooking on a regular basis, but I definitely enjoy baking. : )


My knitting group at the library meets tonight.  Last month was pretty dry and subdued.  I’m hoping this month is a little more entertaining.

Meanwhile, we’re gearing up for my dad’s [3rd] wedding this weekend… You know…  Jeremy and I are getting our hip flasks ready to go… 😉


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