HSG: my Uterus is freaking out…

18 Jan

We saw my doctor this morning and I’m happy to announce we have a plan! 🙂  It involves some waiting still, but we’ve finally got something to work with.

Just after the start of my next cycle, she wants me to have a HSG test done.  A HSG test is when they insert a catheter into your uterus and inject dye.  The dye fills your uterus and then goes on to fill your fallopian tubes until it spills out of the other end.  A radiologist then x-rays your abdomen.  The purpose of this test is to see if there are any blockages or growths that are preventing pregnancy.  Obviously we can’t get pregnant if something is blocked.  Check out this video to see how they do it.  After seeing it, I plan on begging for a sedative.  It’s suppose to hurt.  It looks like it hurts.  My uterus is crying.

The neat thing about the HSG test is that if my fallopian tubes are a little blocked with mucus or “sludge” as Dr. M put it, oftentimes the HSG dye will unblock them.  I plan on asking for a copy of my x-ray.   😉

She drew a lot of blood today to test my thyroid, my hormone levels, and for German measles.  She also gave me a tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough vaccine because I was over due…  My arm hurts. 😦

Our plan of attack is to do the HSG test, maybe start a round of clomid (a drug that makes you ovulate) while we wait for Jeremy’s test at the end of March, and then either continue the clomid if Jeremy is fine or continue the clomid and start working on our first intrauterine insemination (IUI) if he’s not.

I’m still frustrated, but happy we’re working towards something now.

I’m leaving for Detroit on Friday or Saturday.  My great-uncle died and I want to go to the funeral.  It will be nice to spend some time with my extended family.

3 Responses to “HSG: my Uterus is freaking out…”

  1. scotcheggsecret January 18, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    The pain on the HSG isn’t too bad. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant, but it doesn’t really hurt that much. I was so scared before mine and barely slept for several nights worrying but it really wasn’t anything like as bad as people say.

    For mine they suggested paracetamol an hour before.

    I did spend the afternoon cuddled up to a hot water bottle though

  2. babysocks2008 January 18, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    I had an HSG a few months ago and I found it pretty uncomfortable. But it was worth it to learn that my fallopian tube is clean and functional.

  3. Bubble Bath Goddess January 18, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    I’m glad to hear that it’s not completely horrible. My obgyn made it sound like I was going to want to die during it. She told me to be sure to bring my husband or someone else who could drive with me. Maybe she was trying to prepare me for the worst so it won’t seem so bad.

    Thanks for the heads up though. =)

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