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Big Fat Negative…

31 Jan

TB test that is… 😉

I got an email Monday afternoon from a high school that was interested in hiring me as a sub.  They needed all of my documentation and a TB test.  Oops.  I  haven’t had a TB test since 1993.  After a quick call to my doctor, I was told since I haven’t seen my general physician in over a year, I had to come in for a complete physical before they would issue the test… Like I haven’t seen enough doctors in the past year, right?  At least this time, I got to keep my pants on…

I went back in today to have it read.  It’s a little blotchy, but they pronounced it negative.  Woo!  I also had a full fasting blood work up done.  My dad was officially diagnosed with heart disease last fall.  After he had a stent put in, the doctor warned my siblings and I that our chances of also developing heart disease is crazy high and that they want us to keep getting our blood work checked even while we’re young.  My doctor wants yearly or bi-yearly work ups done just to be safe.  I’m all over that.  I’d rather not die from a heart attack in my 50’s or 60’s, thanks.

I just sent off my paperwork to the school, so cross your fingers.  Coincidentally, it’s also the high school I went to.  It’s a job.  I’ll take it.

Where are we on the infertility front, you ask?  No where new.  It’s cycle day 28 and we are  2 negative pregnancy tests down.  I pulled the bundle of internet cheapies from the linen closet the other night.  I’ve been a little unsure of them since I bought them 18 months ago, but thought this was a good enough time to start using them.  And then I noticed that they expire in February 2013.  I’ve been trying to have a baby long enough that my pregnancy tests are starting to expire.  I have 7 to go.  Maybe I’ll start taking 2 at a time just to say I used them… 😉

We talked Dr. B’s office into letting us try an unmedicated monitoring cycle next.  They think we’re a little crazy, but we’re really curious to see if the chiropractor is moving any of my numbers around.  Even a slight shift will let us know we’re on the right track.  And if nothing’s changing?  Well, we’ll have to deal with that.

I also have an appointment with a midwife on Tuesday.  After the clomid debacle with Dr. M, I really don’t feel comfortable going back to her.  But I also don’t think I should be without a lady doctor on the slim chance that I manage to conceive within the next month or two.  I really wanted to use a midwife when we finally got pregnant anyway, I’m just switching over sooner.  This midwifery practice is at the same hospital as Dr. B and practices in the same office as the OB’s, so if any emergency were to happen, someone would be there.  For now though, it’s just a check up/ meeting.

Other than that, things are mostly the same.  Graduate school is kicking my butt, but in a different way than last semester.  I know what to expect now, I’m just really busy.  I still really enjoy it though, and that’s the main thing I suppose.

One way or another, you’ll hear from me in a few days. ❤

PS. CONGRATS to Laughing Promises on the birth of Cody James!!!

Thyroid and Weight Loss

21 Jan

I finally ovulated.  Today.  On day 18.  fml.  

If i have another freaky long cycle, that could be ok.  Or I could have another 23 day cycle.  

On a positive note, I’ve been insanely itchy for the past week.  My entire body itched.  If I itched it, I broke out into hives that itched even more.  Dr. G prescribed salt and oil baths and gave me some calming herbs to help me sleep.  When that didn’t work, she realized she hadn’t checked my thyroid.  And, surprise surprise, it’s a little out of whack.  

When Dr. M. checked it a year ago, my levels were a little abnormal, but no one thought it was off enough to treat.  Dr. G thought my itching was probably coming from my thyroid, which, she said, could explain my delayed ovulation whenever I have a natural cycle.  She started me on a thyroid supplement on Saturday and as of today, my itching is almost gone. Yay!  

I’m still adhering to my diet for the most part.  Jeremy brought pizza home on Friday night and I had a piece.  My back was so swollen and uncomfortable the next morning.  Dr G gave him a talking to. 😉  I’ve lost more than 5 pounds in the past week too, which is awesome.  I had really wanted to lose 10 to 15 pounds before we got pregnant but I just couldn’t make the weight come off.  I guess a stricter, more exclusive diet is exactly what my body needs to stay healthy.  Hopefully by the time I ovulate next cycle, I’ll be at my weight goal. 🙂

So, while I’m still ovulating too late, at least we’re making strides in other areas.  I’m trying to remind myself that the healthier I am, the healthier our baby will be when he or she finally gets here.. 🙂

Green Means Go

16 Jan

I know I’ve been relatively absent this month, but honestly, it’s been a lot easier to try not to think about anything fertility related while we’re in limbo.  I’ve been reading your posts and rooting for you all, but I’m just in a weird place right now.

I could have written about my frustration that comes from having to cut out dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods per Dr. G’s orders.  You try eating 3 meals a day like that without bursting into tears.  I could have, but there’s nothing more to it than that.  I’ve started scouring recipes looking for SIMPLE meals that don’t involve all kinds of substitutes that I don’t have.  I’ve opted to completely cut out dairy and just drastically reduce the rest.  Putting meals together shouldn’t be stressful.

Today is cycle day 13.  I’ve been using a Clearblue Fertility Monitor that I got from a friends who’s getting ready to start IVF.  I’ve been bummed about not seeing anything until this morning…  I got my second bar!  Which means I should ovulate on time, ON MY OWN again this month!!  I think there’s something to this chiropractor. 🙂

Plus, after my re-exam last week, they think we can go ahead and start trying again this cycle.  My pelvis is starting to hold adjustments and isn’t needing to be adjusted every time I go in, which is huge, I guess. I’m still in 3 times a week, but everything is taking less time and there’s less to do each session.

I’m nervous about trying again.  We’re at least 2 months ahead of schedule and I’m freaking out a little bit.  I’m worried about falling back into the Pit of Despair all over again because things aren’t working.  I desperately don’t want to go back to Dr. Binor and giving myself injections. I actually feel good these days and that’s way more than I could say when I was stabbing myself in the stomach every night.

I don’t want to go back there.  And it’s one of my biggest fears that we’ll have to and I’ll still fail to make a baby.  I’m excited to have this chance, but after more than two years I don’t know how I feel about chances.

25: Goodbye Pain

4 Jan

We’ve been with the chiropractor for about a month now and I think I can truly say that it’s working.  No, we’re not pregnant (we didn’t even try this past cycle), but I feel a huge difference in my body…

I used to go to bed at night with my lower back and hips just aching.  It would take me a while to fall asleep every night because of it.  Nothing really relieved it.  A couple weeks ago, I noticed that I was getting into bed at night and falling right asleep.  I didn’t have any more pain in my hips or my lower back.  I’m not sure when it happened, it might have been gradual, but I definitely notice it now.  It’s great. 🙂

I felt myself ovulate this month.  On my own.  On day 14.  On my own.  I felt it.  On day 14.  On my own.  Did I mention it was on DAY 14?  Not day 19 or 17 or 21.  14.  Plus I had a host of other fertile signs that I’ve only ever read about.  Winning.

Finalllllyyy, my period started today.  Making my cycle last exactly 28 days.  What the what?!  Maybe this is all coincidental, but I’m feeling confident that Dr G and Dr G are really helping me.  Plus the plethora of vitamins they have me on has my skin SO clear.  More clear than it’s been on any medication.  We’re feeling good.  We’re feeling hopeful.

Until someone else announces their pregnancy that they just sort of thought about having…  Or didn’t think about.. I hate people.

They’ve officially told us not to try, but to not prevent anything either.  25 months and counting.

In other news, grad classes start in 2 weeks, my ESL class starts back up (hopefully) in 2 weeks, and tutoring starts in a week and a half.  I’m so ready for things to get going again.

I plopped my application to start substitute teaching in the mail on Wednesday.  Super exciting, right? 😉  My spring is shaping up to be nice and busy.

I’m also desperate to start gardening again… And since it’s supposed to be in the 40’s next week, I’m wondering how long we’ll have to wait. 🙂