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The Brozynskis

25 Jan

My brother, Alex, and I went to our Great Uncle Bob’s funeral this weekend.  He was my dad’s uncle and we honestly didn’t know much about that side of the family.  I had no idea that Uncle Bob had more siblings than just my grandpa.  He had 2 other brothers and a sister.  Only his youngest brother is still alive.

Great Uncle Rudy, Grandpa, Great Aunt Selena, Great Uncle Bob, Great Uncle Ron, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

It made me really sad to know that we could have had a relationship with these relatives, but now most of them are gone.  It was really nice to meet their kids though (my dad’s cousins).  My Great Aunt Selena made these really extensive genealogy books before she died a couple years ago.  Her son and daughter-in-law brought them to the luncheon for everyone to look through.  My siblings and I are in there and we each have our own pages waiting to be filled out when we get married and have kids.  There are pictures of us, a copy of my parents’ wedding invitation.. It made me sad all over again that she knew all about me, but I didn’t know who she was.

Speaking of not knowing who people are.  Did you ever see Wedding Crashers?  You know that part when they’re introducing themselves as the nephews of some obscure relative?  I felt kind of like that all weekend.  Someone would recognize my cousins and say “hello” and then look at Alex and I like we were tag-alongs.  We’d say, “Oh, we’re Mark’s kids.” and they’d say, “Oh…”  Then I’d say, “We’re Gordon’s grandkids.” And that would get more recognition.  If my aunt was around, she’d introduce us as her brother’s kids and that usually sufficed, but I’m sure a lot of people assumed we were just there for the food. Which was fabulous. 😉

Anywho, the books went back really far, back to a time when you spelled your last name how it sounded and it was rarely consistent.  Some of my favorites include “Brozynski,” and “Brugenski.”  😉

Alex and I had a fun trip though.  We’re on the same wavelength most of the time.  I’m not sure if that means I act like I’m 15, he acts like he’s 24, or if we might somewhere in the middle.
We made fun of Indiana, listened to a lot of NSYNC, bought furry hats at a truck stop, visited 8 Mile, listened to Coolio, Tupac, Eminem, Russian Unicorn, Double Rainbow, Captain Jack Sparrow, and a host of other memes, acted like tourists in front of Tim Hortons on 23 Mile… yea… maybe we’re leaning towards acting like 15-year-olds.  😉  We had fun though.  Definitely more fun than driving alone.

Now it’s back to work.  We’ve been trying to get our Valentine’s Day collars and toys into the store.  I think I’m just about done with it.


I don’t think I have anything new to report fertility-wise.  My hormone tests came back normal.  My fsh was a tiny bit low, but Dr. M said it was nothing to worry about.  Now, we’re just waiting for this cycle to end so we can schedule my HSG test.
I’ve got my first appointment with my acupuncturist tomorrow.  It might not help, but it definitely can’t hurt, right?


Socks and Typewriters

21 Sep

It has been a good week so far. 🙂

I feel so much more positive than I’ve felt in months.  I think the fact that it’s getting cooler out is helping.  I’ve never loved summer.  Too warm and not enough hand knits. 😉 I love fall.

I’ve started really knitting again.  Last year was spent figuring out my favorite stitches and mastering important to know techniques.  I’ve decided that this year I’m going to work more on textures.  I’ve always been intimidated by lace and chart knitting, but I’ve spent the last month or so really working on different kinds of socks.  I’ve discovered my favorite heel, cast on, and cuff size.  I love my new socks!

The first picture is of my finished Snow Day Socks! YAY!  That only took 8 months.. 😉  Next are my Mojo socks.  Awesome for getting back into the knitting groove as they focus on knitting, purling, and ribbing.  I used the Schopelle-Wolle Zauberball yarn that my mom and I found at Stitches Midwest.  The colorway is “crazy”… and it is.  The third picture is of my Kalajoki socks.  The pattern is supposed to mirror a Finnish river.  I had to rip out the entire second sock at one point because my river got a little out of control.  Finally, my Watercress mocks (mystery socks) .  Ravelry’s Sock Knitters Anonymous has a different challenge every month.  September’s was to knit all in one color: Chartruese.  They also offered a mystery pattern with clues throughout the month.  The pattern was good and forced me to embrace lace.  The color really grew on me. 🙂

I have a few more socks in progress right now, but then I’ll be hanging up my size 2 needles and getting down to some sweater business.  I have at least 3 sweaters planned for this winter and I already have the yarn for each, so no excuses. 😛

Meanwhile, I went with my sister, niece, and Jeremy to the Barn Sale at the Kane County Fairgrounds last weekend.  We found a few books and something even more fabulous…

  That’s alright, you can go ahead and be jealous now… 😉

It’s a functioning 1963 Smith-Corona Sterling typewriter.  I’ve always loved typewriters.  They force you to really think about what you plan on writing because there is no backspace key.

I’ve never owned a typewriter before because if they’re cheap they often don’t work and if they do work they’re far our of my “unnecessary accessories” budget.   Jeremy found this one though and just take a guess as to how much it was… You’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you: $1.  That’s right.  ONE DOLLAR. 🙂

Epic score.

Books and Words.

21 Jun

When I write anything, I always write it by hand first — taking the time to craft my letters, words, and sentences, and to see the piece take form.  I love the feel of writing and forming letters.  I love the way no one’s handwriting is exactly the same — its like personal art.  I love the way an entire page of writing looks (bonus if its written in fuscia fine tipped markers like mine often are 😉 ).  I love not having a program tell me I misspelled something (as I often do).  Sometimes the way I spell it is far superiour to Webster’s Dictionary… 😛  (In actuality, I just don’t want to be bothered with correcting myself until I’m finished).  My journals are full of line slashed words, boxes, arrows and far too many smiley faces.  I love the act of writing. 🙂  This is probably why I’m so fascinated with other languages, especially languages like Chinese that use entirely different characters than me.

Beijing 2010 - Only the Chinese could write a sign so elegantly.. 😉

And then there’s my love of books.  I use the word “love” lightly here as its really closer to an obsession.  I buy far too many books.  Constantly.  I buy more books than I possibly have time to read (and I read a lot).  Why?  Because they’re beautiful.  My dream office is a tall, open room with double doors.  Directly across from the double doors is a HUGE window.  Sometimes its floor to ceiling, and sometimes it just spans the width of the room.  My big desk sits with its back to the window, facing the double doors and a small, but obscenely comfortable, sitting area.  Lining the remaining walls (I never said the room was square ;-)) are floor to ceiling bookshelves.  They are, obviously, full of books. My desk will most likely have books piled on it, as will the coffee table.  A goldfish tank will be built into one of the walls’ bookshelves (Have I mentioned I love goldfish too?).  The style of furniture and the color schemes are ever changing, but I will always decorate with my books.  They’re as unique as people, as unique as handwriting.  They are also art.

This past spring, I came across a brilliant idea to combine my love of handwriting and books.  An idea that was so simple I should have thought of it long ago:  Recycled Vintage Book Journals.  🙂  Old books that have been (*gasp*) torn apart and made into spiral notebooks.  They’re beautiful and creative.  The first one I bought made me laugh, but alas its pages are unlined and it still hasn’t been used. 😦  Since then though, I’ve been sifting through Etsy looking for the best ones.  I’ve never heard of most of the books I’ve seen, which makes coming up with a story that fits the title all the more interesting.
I will, very shortly, be in dire need of another journal.  I’ve found a seller who makes them exactly the way I want them to be: spiral bound, with LOTS of lined pages.  Simplicity.  She’s got quite a few that I want.  Some of the titles in her stock that I’m dying for include: One Hundred Lessons in Spelling, Assignment in Danger,  Personality Plus, Magnificent Obsession (I think that’s my favorite so far ;-)), Reuel Makes a Decision, Tales for Males, German for Beginners, The New History of America, and Sky Castle.

Hard decision, right?  I’ll keep you updated. 😉

Oh and no bath product today.  Although I did try the lavender scent from that Bath Dough last night.  Also fabulous.