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18: 2, 3, 5,18,18, 24, 25, 6, 2

22 Jun

Cycle day 2.  3rd round of clomid.   5 days of clomid.  18 days until we meet with our RE.  18 cycles so far.  24 years old.  25 years old in 6 months.  2 months until graduate school.

I’m both sad and relieved to have this cycle come to an end.  It was a hopeless cycle.  But I knew that.  I had zero expectations.  I’m not going to lie, part of me was hoping for a miracle, but logically I know the chances of us getting pregnant this month were next to nothing.  It makes me feel better some how.  It makes me feel like I have more control.  I chose to not try to have a baby this month.  There is no baby.  I win.  Or something.  It makes me feel better, don’t judge me.

We’re back to temping and ovulation sticks.  I’m not going to lie, I really liked my alarm not going off at 6:30 every morning…

I feel a little more renewed as we get ready to start our 3rd round of clomid.  I know that this break did me some good.  I feel a little more on top of things.  I’m still deciding how I feel about seeing the RE.  The piles of paperwork his office sent over isn’t helping anything.  Nor are the questions.  Awkward…
I saw my acupuncturist yesterday and she knows and definitely recommends our new RE.  He’s very pro-acupuncture and he’s very passionate about what he does.

I finished Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter this week.  We’re going to see the movie tomorrow.  I actually really enjoyed the book.  I found it both interesting and amusing.  But then I also enjoyed Little Women and Werewolves and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… 😉  I think it helps that I’ve read all of the originals.  I have to appreciate the way these authors take other works and turn them into supernaturally enhanced versions.  No judging.

Also, there’s a bottle of Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling chilling in my fridge for this afternoon.  Yum.

The Big “O”…

12 Mar

And by “O”, of course I mean ovulation.  😉

One of the main things we’ve been working on through my acupuncture appointments is to regulate my cycle.  Our goal is to get it to be as perfect as it can be.  Ovulating at day 19 and then having a 9-12 day luteal phase is not perfect.  Last month, day 17 was the magic number followed by 12 days of waiting.

I think I have proof, however, that acupuncture is really and truly altering my cycle.  Other than the crazy short and light period I recently had, this month, I managed to ovulate on day 12. 12. 12. 12. 12. 12.  For the first time since I started charting. 12. And of course, we were totally not ready for it.  I hadn’t started using my opk’s yet, as it’s a week earlier than I normally ovulate.  I think it’s safe to assume this month will be a wash.  I’m disappointed that we may have wasted a cycle, but at the same time, I think I needed a little break. It’s been a long 14 months.  Now I know for next month that I need to start keeping a closer eye on things.
Of course, next month could very well include clomid (YIKES!), and then it’s going to be all kinds of crazy.

Meanwhile, our weekend was good.  We went back to Oak Park for breakfast on Saturday.  We went to breakfast at The Buzz Cafe every Sunday when we lived there.  It’s been over a year since we’d last eaten there together.


They have the BEST pancakes. Mmmm!  The rest of the weekend was really relaxed.  I worked in the garden (the weather in Chicago has been so wonderful!) and on the quilting of my very first quilt.

I only have 13 more squares to do.  The end is in sight! 😉  I’m really getting the hang of my free motion quilting foot.  You can see my progress from the first square I did to the most recent one.  I totally regret choosing this pattern as my first quilt though.  Appliques are no fun.  In a couple years, I wouldn’t mind making this again and seeing how much I’ve improved.  I’ll post a picture when it’s finished.  Hopefully this week. 🙂

1.5 weeks until the urologist!


ESL Changes.

16 Feb

Today was a wonderful day.  I’ve been feeling kind of down both emotionally and physically the past few days, but I feel a million times better.  Positive things make a wold of difference. 🙂

I’ve been substituting for the Downers Grove ESL group for the past 2 weeks and I’m really enjoying them.  There are only 4 of them, but they’re relatively advanced.  They encourage me to read things in Spanish so they can correct me for once. 😉  I actually think my Spanish is slowly improving.  Today was my last scheduled day with them.  I’ve been on the fence about asking to be transferred there permanently.  They only have 1 teacher, while we have 4 in Bolingbrook.  It doesn’t seem fair.  Today was going so wonderfully that I thought I had just about made up my mind.  And then those wonderful students asked me to stay in Downers Grove with them.  They told me they really liked how I explained things and that they were really happy with how much they were understanding.  That totally pushed me over the edge.  I called in before I even started my car to go home and asked for a transfer.  I know my Bolingbrook students enjoy me and goodness knows I LOVE them, but they have some very capable teachers out there.  The other Downers Grove teacher is a wonderful lady, but she doesn’t know any Spanish, and to the students, making an effort in Spanish speaks volumes about your capability to teach them.  I think she and I will make an awesome team.  I think this will be a wonderful change for me.

I never thought I would enjoy teaching.  I started teaching ESL to get a better understanding of what it meant to be a teacher.  I thought it would be a neat experience and a good chunk of volunteer work to put on my resume.  Now, however, I’m starting to think there are very few activities I enjoy more than teaching.  I think I’d be happy as a clam to do it every day for the rest of my life.  I wish it happened more than once a week.    I’m so lucky to have been able to have the chance to try this profession out before I spent years of my life in school for it.  I am eagerly anticipating get my masters degree in education. 🙂

Meanwhile, this month is kicking my butt…  For serious.

BUT, looking positive, I did ovulate 2 days earlier than normal.  We’re currently 5 days past ovulation.  Yay!!  Maybe the acupuncture is working?  I can tell you that acupuncture is doing a world of good for my circulation.  My hands and feet are usually painfully chilly.  These days, they’re the warmest parts of my body. 😉


Acupuncture, My New Love

26 Jan

I just had my first acupuncture appointment.  I totally need a nap.  I’m feeling super relaxed and am confident that I’ll get a good nights sleep.
The biggest question I’m getting from my family was if it hurt: No.  I hardly felt the needles in my feet and legs.  I felt a little pressure with the needles in my abdomen, hands, arms, and top of my head.  The needle between my eyes was the only one I was uncomfortable with, but even that felt better after a few  minutes.   I had roughly 25 needles hanging out in my skin for 15 minutes or so.  I’m going back next Monday. 😉

She promised to help me with my energy level, my sleeping problems, with how emotional I am, and with how uncomfortable my periods are (sorry, boys… periods happen.).  I’ve decided that even if this doesn’t help us have a baby, if it makes me feel better all around, I’m totally sold.

She gave me some herbal supplements to start taking once this cycle is over.  They’re supposed to make me really happy.  Yes, please.  I might never go back to a regular doctor ever again. 😉