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Scheduled the Lap.

31 Mar

So I have a little more info than I had on Thursday.  Dr. B called Friday with my TSH results and to tell me more about what would happen next.  We’re still waiting on one more test result, but I’m going to assume if I don’t hear from them about it that it’s all clear.  I would really like it to be all clear.

If my TSH had been high, I would have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Had it been low – hyperthyroidism.  Both options sounded awful.  BUT, despite my thyroglobulin being astronomically high, my TSH results came back completely normal.  Dr. B said I’ll probably have thyroid issues when I get older, but for now it probably isn’t heavily contributing to my infertility.  It’s just something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

As for the Cardiolipin AB, it’s a clotting issue and could stop a baby’s heart if we ever make it to 6 weeks.  As soon as we get pregnant again, he wants to run that test again and will probably put me on a slew of blood thinners to keep things safe.  But, again, nothing to worry about right this second.

My new prenatal will take care of the C677T mutation.  I’m not able to completely absorb and break down folic acid, so the new prenatal uses folate instead.  It’s also florescent yellow and not organic.  Bummer.

All of these things are autoimmune problems.  They’re not major right now, but they’re there.  Dr. B thinks they are almost positively pointing to endometriosis, which is also an autoimmune problem.  So they scheduled my laparoscopic surgery for Friday, April 19.  That obviously depends on the outcome of this cycle, but we’d rather have to cancel it than lose another month while waiting for scheduling to work out.

19 days to go.  I’ve never had surgery like this before.  I’m trying not to be scared.  I know it’s not major surgery.  But still.  It’s surgery.

After 2 slow weeks for two different spring breaks, I’m back to work this week.  I’m looking forward to it.  This week will bring cycle 27 to an end or become something completely terrifying (and hopefully wonderful).  I need any distractions I can get.