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It’s RE Time

15 Jun

My ultrasound came back fine.  There was evidence of ovulation on my left ovary, but my right looks fine now.

We spent a while talking with Dr. M about our options and she told us that she would recommend we go see an Reproductive Endocrinologist.  She gave me another round of clomid to take in the meantime.  I’ll probably start it in a week and a half or so.  The RE she recommended is supposed to be very good.  I don’t love that he’s a dude, but if he can make this work, I’m all over it.

She told us to expect our first cycle with him to be monitored, and after that, depending on what he finds, he might want to try an IUI right away.  Our first appointment with him is on July 10th.  I’m glad we’re going to be seeing someone who should be able to help us, but this whole thing makes me nervous.  And sleepy.

On a whole other note, the praying mantises are almost 3 weeks old and starting to turn green:

I’m harvesting handfuls of chamomile daily:

And, there are a TON of green tomatoes out there. =)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!