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Penguin Tuxedos and Family Heirlooms.

27 Aug

At this morning’s monitoring appointment, they found 1 follicle.  The others stopped developing.  My one follicle is measuring at 19mm at day 15.  While it’s a bummer that the other three stopped, I keep telling myself that 19mm is huge for me.  At day 21 last month, I only had an 18mm follicle.  As much as I wanted to increase our chance with a couple eggs, it only takes one egg to make a baby. :/  Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about follicles and what that means, click here for a neat clip on follicle development and ovulation.

The ultrasound tech started preparing me for the possibility of needing an IUI (intrauterine insemination).  She told me that if this post coital test was bad again, that would probably be what was recommended next. Out of the 2 post coital tests I’ve had so far, they’ve never seen a live sperm.  My body is deadly….  I told her I was totally down with that; that I just want this to be over.

BUT, the IUI is off the table for now.  My estrogen came back at 140.  Still not where we want it, but definitely improving.  AND as for the post coital test….  They found 75% motility in the sperm outside of my cervix. WOOO!!  My body isn’t the mean, killing machine we thought it was. 😉  Dr. B wants me to continue with 75 units of Gonal-F today and tomorrow and then repeat blood work and ultrasound on Wednesday.  We’re hoping for a 21mm follicle and higher estrogen.

I’ve heard Dr. B has no problem cancelling a cycle at the last minute if he thinks there’s no chance.  I completely appreciate that.  I don’t want to put any more medication into my body than I absolutely have to.  But since he hasn’t cancelled us yet, I’m going to keep hoping we have a chance. 🙂

Our weekend was busy, but good.  It started with a large box of injectable medicines being delivered Saturday morning with this sticker on the box:


I have no idea what penguins in tuxedos have to do with not freezing your medications, but hey.  Jeremy was home to sign for them and sent me a reassuring text that he stuck them safely in the freezer.  He thinks he’s so funny… 😉


I mentioned that my cousin, Tina, was going to be in town for the day on Saturday.  She brought my niece some awesome horses and a beautiful quilt that her grandmother (my great grandmother, Calli’s great great grandmother) made.  Then she said she had something for me, but she didn’t want me to cry (not an easy request these days).

She brought me this dress that had been hers when she was a baby.  She had been saving it for if she ever had a daughter.  Her grandmother, my great grandmother, made this dress as well.  The selflessness of this gift, the fact that it is such a precious family heirloom, and Tina telling me that she knows I’ll get to use it one day were too much and found us both crying.

After my parents got divorced 16+ years ago, my sisters and I lost a lot of contact with my dad’s extended family.  We’ve slowly started reconnecting with them now that we’re all adults.  My brother and I went to my dad’s uncle’s funeral in January partially for that purpose.  No one else from our family went, but we had such a nice time talking to people who knew my parents when they were kids.  I mentioned in that post how sad I was to have lost so much time with these people.  Tina is another one of those people who I’m so sad that we didn’t know better as we were growing up.  She didn’t know I had gotten married until over a year after, and I didn’t know she’d gotten married until 10 years after. 😦

Right now, I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to give away something I’ve saved for my own babies.  It would be heart breaking.  She’s such a beautiful person.  I’m more than blessed to have such a wonderful first cousin, once removed. 🙂

Infertility sucks.  But it’s causing me to become closer to my family and making me realize how incredibly important they are.

I’m still packing like a champ.  Our final walk through is tomorrow and we close the day after tomorrow. 🙂

The Brozynskis

25 Jan

My brother, Alex, and I went to our Great Uncle Bob’s funeral this weekend.  He was my dad’s uncle and we honestly didn’t know much about that side of the family.  I had no idea that Uncle Bob had more siblings than just my grandpa.  He had 2 other brothers and a sister.  Only his youngest brother is still alive.

Great Uncle Rudy, Grandpa, Great Aunt Selena, Great Uncle Bob, Great Uncle Ron, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

It made me really sad to know that we could have had a relationship with these relatives, but now most of them are gone.  It was really nice to meet their kids though (my dad’s cousins).  My Great Aunt Selena made these really extensive genealogy books before she died a couple years ago.  Her son and daughter-in-law brought them to the luncheon for everyone to look through.  My siblings and I are in there and we each have our own pages waiting to be filled out when we get married and have kids.  There are pictures of us, a copy of my parents’ wedding invitation.. It made me sad all over again that she knew all about me, but I didn’t know who she was.

Speaking of not knowing who people are.  Did you ever see Wedding Crashers?  You know that part when they’re introducing themselves as the nephews of some obscure relative?  I felt kind of like that all weekend.  Someone would recognize my cousins and say “hello” and then look at Alex and I like we were tag-alongs.  We’d say, “Oh, we’re Mark’s kids.” and they’d say, “Oh…”  Then I’d say, “We’re Gordon’s grandkids.” And that would get more recognition.  If my aunt was around, she’d introduce us as her brother’s kids and that usually sufficed, but I’m sure a lot of people assumed we were just there for the food. Which was fabulous. 😉

Anywho, the books went back really far, back to a time when you spelled your last name how it sounded and it was rarely consistent.  Some of my favorites include “Brozynski,” and “Brugenski.”  😉

Alex and I had a fun trip though.  We’re on the same wavelength most of the time.  I’m not sure if that means I act like I’m 15, he acts like he’s 24, or if we might somewhere in the middle.
We made fun of Indiana, listened to a lot of NSYNC, bought furry hats at a truck stop, visited 8 Mile, listened to Coolio, Tupac, Eminem, Russian Unicorn, Double Rainbow, Captain Jack Sparrow, and a host of other memes, acted like tourists in front of Tim Hortons on 23 Mile… yea… maybe we’re leaning towards acting like 15-year-olds.  😉  We had fun though.  Definitely more fun than driving alone.

Now it’s back to work.  We’ve been trying to get our Valentine’s Day collars and toys into the store.  I think I’m just about done with it.


I don’t think I have anything new to report fertility-wise.  My hormone tests came back normal.  My fsh was a tiny bit low, but Dr. M said it was nothing to worry about.  Now, we’re just waiting for this cycle to end so we can schedule my HSG test.
I’ve got my first appointment with my acupuncturist tomorrow.  It might not help, but it definitely can’t hurt, right?