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Saline Ultrasound, Check

18 Dec

I had my saline ultrasound today.  It hurt.  But it was fine.  Dr. T said my uterus looks perfect.  I assumed that would be the case, but hey, it’s nice to know three different doctors have proclaimed my uterus is gorgeous.  It’s just that darn endometriosis screwing up a perfectly beautiful reproductive system. 😉

He sat down with me right away after he did my ultrasound though.  That was really nice.  He’s still a little rough, but he was a lot more personable today.  He joked with me and made me feel better.  We’re not going to be best friends, but I think he’ll be a fine doctor for us.
The procedure itself hurt.  They fill your uterus up with saline to get better images with the ultrasound probe.  It wasn’t as bad as the HSG, but then I think I was a little more prepared this time than I was for the HSG.  The HSG was my very first brush with the infertility world and I had no idea what I was getting into.  This time, I think knew more what to expect and because I was expecting it to hurt as badly as the HSG did, it didn’t seem so bad.

I went to Whole Foods afterwards and got myself a delicious late lunch, then I went home and curled up on the couch for the rest of the day.  I just feel a little crampy now.

I had quite a few vials of blood drawn while I was there for ANOTHER infection disease workup.  They keep expiring on me.  Boy, that’s depressing…  Dr. T also wanted my AMH tested again before he decides what and how much medication we’re going to use during January’s retrieval cycle.  Whatever.  Take it.  Take the blood.  I don’t care.

And I signed up for our IVF Education Class… What?  I don’t know.  I don’t even know what that’s all about.  I just know they won’t go forward with an IVF cycle without one or both of us going through the class.  We’ll see.  We go on the 31st.

Let’s see, what else…. We *should* be closing on our house tomorrow.  Cross your fingers everything goes through.  I know I was stressed out when we bought our house, but although it took a long time, it was a fairly smooth, straightforward process.  Selling our house… Oi.  It’s been an epic headache with no one wanting to share information and FHA taking their sweet time and whoosh.  BUT, hopefully, it will all be over and my beautiful house with the blue kitchen will belong to someone else.
I love that house, but I’m not going to lie, the house we’re renting here in North Carolina is a good 45ish years newer and it sure is nice.   It’s just a new experience and that’s ok.  🙂

So now we wait.  3 weeks to birth control.  It’s sitting on my dining room table.  waiting. waiting. waiting. 😉


8 Feb

I had my HSG test yesterday.  I’m not going to lie, the procedure itself was excruciating.  The 600 milligrams of ibuprofen they had me take an hour before hand didn’t even make a dent.

Dr. M. put a catheter through my cervix.  The catheter had a balloon on the end, which she then inflated.  She injected the dye and quickly took a series of x-rays.  The whole thing took less than 5 minutes, but I thought I was going to die.  I’m sure actually being pregnant and going through labor greatly rivals how awful it was, but to date, this was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced.

As soon as she took the catheter out, the pain decreased almost completely.  I had a really dull ache the rest of the day.  Last night, I really just felt uncomfortable, but today I’m feeling pretty crampy.

The procedure itself hurt a million time more than I imagined, however afterwards hurt considerably less than I was expecting.  I suppose it was a good trade off.

And now for some pictures, yes? 😉  My mom was awesome and came with me.  They let her stand behind the glass with the computers.  She took pictures for me.  Because she’s the best.

Yep, those are MY lady parts. 😉

Not sure what you’re looking at?

All labeled, just for you 😉

And just what were the results?


Here is Dr. M informing me that, not only are my lady parts perfectly shaped and in the perfect places, they’re also perfectly clear…

I may or may not be crying here.  It was involuntary..  Don’t judge me. 😉




So now?  We wait.  Jeremy’s next test is at the end of March.  If he’s got perfect swimmers, we start on clomid and cross our fingers.  If not, then she passes us off to an infertility doctor and we start seriously considering insemination and continue to cross our fingers.

She wants us to continue to try this month because I haven’t ovulated yet and the dye may have washed some gunk out of my fallopian tubes that the x-ray didn’t pick up.

So for the rest of the day, I’m hanging out with my stick on heating packs.  I’ve got acupuncture later and I’m dragging myself to my kickboxing class after that.

Also, I sent in my deposit for grad school! Wooo!

Cleaning and the Dairy Diet.

6 Feb

The past couple of years, I’ve really started channeling my nerves through cleaning.  My husband knows when something is really stressing me out when it’s 10pm and I’m scrubbing our kitchen spotless or suddenly folding laundry that’s been sitting for days.  I’ve decided this is great for keeping things clean, especially with everything that’s been going on lately. 😉

My HSG test is scheduled for 8 am tomorrow morning.  I have to get to the hospital at 7:30, which means my mom and I are leaving my house at 6:45.  I’m nervous.  I’ve gotten such mixed reviews from everyone about how much it hurts during and after.  Some women are fine, but others found it awful.  Dr. M told me it would hurt.  I’m looking forward to finding out if anything is going on.  A big part of me is really hoping there’s something little and fixable going on in there.  Something that would explain and take care of everything. 🙂  That would be wonderful.  If there’s nothing there, we’re back to square one again.  Also, be prepared to see pictures of my inside lady parts.  I’m getting copies. 😉

I’m having a charting issue again this month…

I don’t know what this is all about…  My acupuncturist says it’s because my liver is hot.  But why is my liver hot again when I’ve had some decent looking charts the past few months?  I’m wondering if it has something to do with the temperature in our bedroom…  Someone likes it to be crazy hot in there while we’re sleeping.  I, however, like it to be nice and cool…  I’ve been losing the battle.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to embrace the high fat dairy diet…
It worked for the mice… 😉   If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch None In the Oven’s “Dairy” episode.  For real though.  Since there have been some studies that the higher fat content in dairy products help with ovulation, I’ve decided that it can’t hurt to start drinking whole milk.  I work out 5 times a week, I deserve some organic whole milk. 😉  Jeremy, however, is sticking with skim.

Sooo, I’m spending the rest of the day cleaning and catching up on Etsy orders.  We’re planning on being at an Animal Expo in a couple weeks, and I’m way behind on things.  Updates tomorrow.

Anger and Insanity

31 Jan

I had another acupuncture appointment yesterday.  I had a much less painful period this month, so I’m going to guess it’s doing something since it’s the only change I’ve made.  She added a few extra needles to my neck and ears to help with anger.  I’ve had a lot of anger lately.  Part of it is stemming from normal pms, but honestly, I feel like I’m angry at the world lately.  I’m angry that we’re going through this, I’m angry that other people are having babies, I’m angry about having that HSG test next week, and I think most of all I’m angry that I’m so angry.  If that makes sense…

It seems like the crying out of grief has subsisted and this horribly intense anger has taken its place.  I think I would prefer the crying though.  My anger is causing arguments and that’s never good.  Poor Jeremy has to live with me… 😉
We had an argument last night (that turned out to be a misunderstanding on both of our parts: fail) and through the arguing, I started to realize that I’m not as ok with that HSG test as I was wanting to be.  It bothers me that something foreign will be in my body.  It makes me uncomfortable that so many people we be looking at these parts of my body.

Will this theoretical baby ever know how much we want it?  What we’re willing to do to have it?  How hard we’re trying to fight for it?  I think that makes me angry too (and I know it shouldn’t).  My parents didn’t have a hard time getting pregnant with my sister or I.  We were planned, but they didn’t have to try very hard.  While we were growing up, I don’t think we stopped and thought about how much we were wanted; that two people decided to bring us into the world.  I appreciate it now.  I appreciate the emotions that went into those decisions.  Would I ever have thought about it without being in this situation?

Another thing on my mind today is the dreams I’ve been having.  Tell me if this is normal…  I dream about a baby, our baby.  Over the course of the dream, the baby is either taken away from us or dies.  The details are usually completely obscure, but last night things got hauntingly  detailed.  Our baby was born.  It was a girl.  We knew her birthday.  She had a name.  I remember being irritated that my family forgot to throw a baby shower ;).  All of a sudden, our baby is a year or two old and she’s dying.  She’s had some kind of illness that couldn’t be cured.  My mom and sisters were there and they just didn’t understand why I was so upset.  Then she got taken away from me.  Then I woke up.

I hate these dreams.  They happen a couple times a week.  They’re getting bad enough that I don’t want to sleep any more.  I  understand why I’m having them.  I understand what they’re supposed to represent.  I would just really like them to stop.

And for the very last bit of news, I got admitted to graduate school over the weekend.  It feels like a ounce of sanity in the middle of complete insanity. 😉

Yay, me!



HSG: my Uterus is freaking out…

18 Jan

We saw my doctor this morning and I’m happy to announce we have a plan! 🙂  It involves some waiting still, but we’ve finally got something to work with.

Just after the start of my next cycle, she wants me to have a HSG test done.  A HSG test is when they insert a catheter into your uterus and inject dye.  The dye fills your uterus and then goes on to fill your fallopian tubes until it spills out of the other end.  A radiologist then x-rays your abdomen.  The purpose of this test is to see if there are any blockages or growths that are preventing pregnancy.  Obviously we can’t get pregnant if something is blocked.  Check out this video to see how they do it.  After seeing it, I plan on begging for a sedative.  It’s suppose to hurt.  It looks like it hurts.  My uterus is crying.

The neat thing about the HSG test is that if my fallopian tubes are a little blocked with mucus or “sludge” as Dr. M put it, oftentimes the HSG dye will unblock them.  I plan on asking for a copy of my x-ray.   😉

She drew a lot of blood today to test my thyroid, my hormone levels, and for German measles.  She also gave me a tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough vaccine because I was over due…  My arm hurts. 😦

Our plan of attack is to do the HSG test, maybe start a round of clomid (a drug that makes you ovulate) while we wait for Jeremy’s test at the end of March, and then either continue the clomid if Jeremy is fine or continue the clomid and start working on our first intrauterine insemination (IUI) if he’s not.

I’m still frustrated, but happy we’re working towards something now.

I’m leaving for Detroit on Friday or Saturday.  My great-uncle died and I want to go to the funeral.  It will be nice to spend some time with my extended family.