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3 years <3

11 Jun

Tomorrow, Jeremy and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary.  In reality, it’s not such a long time, but with everything that’s been going on, it feels like our wedding was a lifetime ago.  We were blissfully ignorant of what it meant to be married, to be adults, and to struggle with infertility.  We were 21 years old.  Yikes.

We were crazy young when we got married.  Our rocky first year of marriage probably stemmed from that inability to understand what marriage really meant.  But we clamored through it with the help of an awesome marriage counselor and turned our marriage into one we cherish and are proud of.
I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t want kids when we got married.  I had no interest whatsoever and Jeremy just went along with it (hoping I would change my mind, of course 😉 ).  But once we got our marriage on the right track and we started caring for each other the way we should have all along, I started to desperately want to make a family with my husband, to create something that would be such a symbol of our love for each other and would complete our family.

I’ve never worried that our struggle with infertility would tear our marriage apart.  I love and support my husband and I know he loves and supports me as well.  We’ve become closer and stronger through this and I am so lucky to be celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary with this wonderful man.


I also took the time tonight to finally upload our professional wedding photos to facebook.  It only took 3 years… 😉