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IUI #4/1

16 Aug

Welllll, IUI #4/1 is done!  It actually happened on Thursday, but things have just been a little busy.  Plus, the novarel trigger really knocked me on my butt.  I’m EXHAUSTED!  Not to mention, ovulating 5 eggs is a little painful.

For the first time ever, they had to warn us that we’re high risk for multiples (they estimated my estrogen was over 1000 — easily 4 mature follicles) and that Dr. B usually recommend selective reduction if there’s more than 3 babies.  Yikes.  Crossing fingers and toes that’s not a decision we’ll ever have to make.

Other than that, it seemed to go well.  I usually cramp like crazy during and after an IUI, this one, however, was surprisingly peaceful. 🙂  I’m thanking the lupron/lap for that.

I’m going to start testing out my trigger on Sunday when I start my progesterone supplements.  

How am I feeling now?  Remember last Halloween when I was on bedrest after IUI #2? I had managed to produce just 2 follicles, but had some pretty uncomfortable Ovarian Hyperstimulation.  Take a guess as to how great that’s going now with 5 follicles.  Yep.  It’s BBAAAAACKKK…. 😦  It hurts to move and to breathe.  They told me to stay off my feet and keep them propped up over the weekend.  Also, to go to the ER if I start to have trouble breathing.  YAY! :/   It’s just a bummer because OHSS is usually something that is mostly attributed to IVF.  I’m just one of the few lucky IUI OHSS cases.

No matter what, though, this has been our absolutely best shot yet.  We’re torn between being crazy, super hopeful and very very cautious.  I’m calling this IUI #4/1 because while it is our 4th IUI, it’s our 1st post endometriosis IUI.  

I’m 25 years old.  My body is clean of endometriosis.  I just produced 5 follicles and at least 4 of them were mature.  I have a ridiculously good chance of becoming pregnant with not 1, but multiple babies.  I think I have a right to be excited.  I’m working on it.

Off to drink my gatorade and keep these feetsies propped.  My pile of pillows is seriously 2 feet high…. 😉

** As a side note to anyone who reads this blog via facebook — Sometime next week I will stop posting blog posts to facebook in case this cycle works.  So, I would suggest that you hit “subscribe” and have these exciting posts delivered straight to your inbox.  🙂