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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day

15 Oct

Beta Levels

15 Oct

Before we talk betas or anything else, I just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and comments.  By this morning, both Jeremy and I were feeling much more calm and much more at peace with whatever the day would bring.

So many sweet texts and comments came our way.  My little sister even left a gift card for a prenatal massage in our mailbox while we were gone with instructions to use it when I hit 13 weeks or to convert it to a regular massage if needed.  She’s turning into one thoughtful lady. 🙂  Thanks again, Amanda.

Dr. B’s office called a little while ago to tell me my beta was less than 2.  They told me to stop the prometrium and to let things happen naturally.

Our baby is gone, but I’m so thankful for the weekend that I got to be his or her mom.  We’re so sad, but we know we’ll try again.  I know I’ll struggle with this for a while.  I don’t think I’ll be ok for a long time.  So bear with me while I try to process this and work through it.

Today is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  I’m keeping all of you who have lost babies in my thoughts and prayers today as well.