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Motha, he’s stealing my socks…

6 Sep

Happy Labor Day! 😉

I’ve labored away today on homework, my B.O.B. sweater, and of course a couple of naps. 🙂

We had a really nice weekend though.  My aunt came to visit from Michigan and we all spent some time together on Friday.  Saturday, Jeremy and I ran some errands, went out to dinner with my family and had everyone over for cake and games.  Sunday, we saw my dad for a couple hours (he’s been deployed for the past month and a half, so it was nice to catch up with him) and then we decided to put off homework and laundry and spent the day lounging around our very clean and organized apartment.

I really enjoy the weekends I get to spend a lot of time with my family.  I think I can really say my family makes up the majority of my best friends.  What can I say, I’m a lucky girl. 😉

I haven’t actually left my apartment since Saturday night though.  I find that if I seal myself into my apartment for as long as possible, then my allergies don’t get quite so out of control.  Poor Jeremy has been running out to do laundry and run to the grocery store and all that jazz for me.  What a nice husband he is, eh? 🙂  I don’t have to leave again until tomorrow night, which will make 3 straight days of filtered air…  Just need that one heavy frostttt….

I finished up reading Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” and I can honestly say I don’t care for it.  I hate stories where the characters seem to be just floating through their lives waiting for something big to really happen.  I think its because its the opposite of my personality, but whateva.

Looking forward to my second week of classes.  That will last for another couple weeks before I’m complaining that Christmas is too far away.  Speaking of Christmas, I’m making a good dent in my Christmas knitting.  This may be the last year of knitted presents for everyone though…  My hands have been protesting lately… 😦

Well, how’s that for a hodge podge of subjects? 😉

I’m Knitting a Sweater…

1 Sep

I sat through my first creative writing class today.  I’m a little bummed out that Scott Blackwood — head of the creative writing dept at Roosevelt– pushed the class off onto another professor.  I was really looking forward to working with him.  But I now have Gail Lukasik, who has written a couple mystery novels.  She’s scary in a scary, old, angry lady way…  I’m not sold that she’s superior to Blackwood in the least.  But she’s actually published something, so she has one up on me ;)…

Anywho, she had us do a quick 10 minute free write today with the following prompt: Writing is like…

Without any hesitation, I jumped into a page long description of how writing is like knitting a sweater.  Soooo, for your amusement, here is my free write sans edits.  😉

Writing is like knitting a sweater.  You start with a great idea, a theme, a color, a pattern, a prompt.  You prepare yourself for what you’re about to do.  You plan what goes where or sometimes you feel experimental and you just jump in.
When you knit a sweater, the first thing you do is cast on a certain number of stitches.  Similarly, in writing the first thing you do is write that first sentence.  You continue on, knitting stitch by stitch, writing word by word.  Sometimes you get a little creative and sometimes you just want to keep it simple.  The flaws and intricacies are what keep things interesting.
Eventually, your sweater project gets boring and you’re anxious to move onto something new and fresh.  Do you finish and hurry through the anticlimactic middle, abandon your sweater halfway through– frogging the whole thing, or do you persevere and take your time – training yourself to keep going and crafting each stitch?  If you do keep on, you’ll end with something beautiful, exactly what you wanted.  Yea, writing is kind of like that.

At this point, I ran out of ink in my pen, naturally. 😉  I suppose I should be able to find a connection between two of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

In other news, anything green needs to officially DIE for the season.  I can’t see, I can’t breathe, and I itch.  I HATE POLLEN!!!  I’ve been taking a ton of benadryl, but it is completely worth it. yuck.

So THAT’S Why I Majored in English….

31 Aug

I had my first English class of the semester tonight and I feel completely relieved. 🙂

When last semester ended, I was seriously questioning why I had majored in English.  I was burned out, and fed up with school.  So I opted to take a philosophy class over the summer and opted to use up 2 gen ed classes on non English credits this fall semester.  I had those two classes yesterday and I was completely ready to just drop out of school by the end of them.

My sociology class is dealing with urban issues and social constructs, while my political science class is an introduction to international relations.  I thought they would both be useful for whenever Jeremy and I move abroad.
They. Are. So. Dry.
I assumed it was me and I was still feeling like I was feeling at the end of spring semester.  Until I got to my Modern American Literature class tonight.  I had to drive out to Schaumburg — a 45 minute drive on a good day– so I was already in a bad mood about it.  But once class began and we started to discuss the wonderful world of literature, I was reminded why I chose this major: I Love Books.  Its not even just the reading of them (although that obviously plays a big part).  Its the way they fit into history, the way they are history.  Its the feel of a book in your hand.  Its the act of interpreting what an author could mean.  Its debating the pros and cons of certain authors.  The act of immersing yourself into a story the way you might immerse yourself into a pool of water (or a bathtub 😉 ).  The act of understanding characters and letting them become a part of you briefly.   The reasons I love what I do are endless and ongoing.  As books will always continue to be written and the way you can interpret them are limitless,  my eduction is also limitless.

Does this have any practicality in the real world you might ask?  I’m still working on that one… 😉

Tomorrow: Creative Writing.  Delicious.

Alsoooooooo, I started my first sweater today.  NO FROGGING THIS ONE!  I used my Eco Wool that I bought during the Chicago Yarn Crawl with Christine.   I think its going to be super comfy.  Or rather, I hope its going to be super comfy. 😉