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29 Jul

I’ve come to realize that I take a lot of pictures of my cats…  Especially lately…

Crazy cat lady? Probably.  But is that really a bad thing?  Probably not.  Hemingway (who had 30 cats– and named them all) once said, “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

He isn’t the only famous person who loved his cats.  Edgar Allen Poe, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens, Cleopatra, William Pakepeace Thackeray, Victor Hugo, Marie Antoinette, Alexandre Dumas, Winston Churchhill, and Queen Victoria (among countless others) owned and wrote about their cats.  Is it a coincidence that all of those people are either queens or authors?  Probably not. 😉 

Anywho, I have a top ten list for you today about why I love my cats…
1.  They sleep constantly — much like me
2.  They’re relatively self sufficient
3.  They’re fluffy and adorable and perfect to cuddle with
4.  Despite their moodiness, they are completely loyal
5.  They’re full of personality
6.  We understand eachother (eventually I’ll teach them French 😉 )
7.  They keep me company when I stay up all night writing
8.  They appreciate yarn almost as much as I do
9.  They catch bugs for me
10.  Because they’re completely kickass. 🙂

In other news, the apartment is FINALLY unpacked and in order and my class finished up today — 4 1/2 weeks of NOTHING.

Life is Good.

Tequila, eh?

20 Jun

Those bath products I ordered from Etsy earlier this week got here a couple days ago, but I just got around to trying them out today.  LOVE THEM!  I had never heard of “Bath Dough” before, but it sounded interesting, so I thought I’d try it out.  Its actual dough and you rub your hands together under running water and it makes the best bubbles.  Red Leaf makes a bunch of different scents and I couldn’t help myself, so I ordered a few. 🙂  I tried the Pink Grapefruit out and its got the most wonderful, subtle scent.  I’m sure the Lavender and the Black Tea scents will be just as fabulous. 🙂  Definitely recommend.

I’ve been in a weird mood so far this weekend, and as I skimmed my journal for a good blog topic, nothing really struck my fancy.  The topics I had to choose from included: “Dream interpretation”, “Why I believe in the phrase ‘Its not you, its me'”, “When I write the best stories”, “Why I’d be a kick ass single parent”, and “Why I should wear more sunscreen”, among other things.  None of these sounded very promising outside of a journaling context, trust me.
And so, here’s something else for your reading pleasure in honor of the night I desperately need…

The top ten things alcohol has taught me:

10.  Don’t drink an entire bottle (or 2) of any type of liquor.  Its really not worth it.
9.    For God’s sake, stay off of emails, webcams, facebook, and phones if the need to consume that much liquor is that present.
8.     Keep your clothes on.
7.     If you’re sad when you start drinking, you’ll be even more sad once you’ve finished.  Save yourself the trouble and just don’t.
6.     Drunken dancing is not attractive.  Ever.
5.     Some of the best relationships can be forged and maintained over a glass of alcohol.
4.     Pull a Hemingway and get as much writing down as possible.  Later revisions will, of course, be necessary.
3.     I love you.  Even if I hate you.
2.     You will be hugged.  Multiple times.
1.     Clarity. is. gold. (and a few shots of tequila).