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Wedding Jitters

20 Aug

For the past two years, I’ve found myself not doing things, putting things off, or changing the way I do things to accommodate this hypothetical baby.  Not taking certain vacations because my stomach is swollen from clomid.  Being scared to take allergy medicine in case we actually got pregnant.  Being afraid to commit to Christmas at my mom’s cabin because we might need to be home for monitoring appointments.  Being unsure of starting a new job on top of graduate school with RE appointments and the possibility of a baby.  Not buying any new clothes, just in case.  Anyone who has gone through this knows how hard it is to plan anything.

I’m a matron of honor in a wedding next May.  When Courtney asked me, we had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant.  But, since she had planned on a long engagement, I thought we’d have an adorable baby to drag to the wedding (or to leave with my parents 😉 ).  When she started talking about a destination wedding in Florida a few months ago, I was worried we’d be in the middle of fertility treatments or, even better, very very pregnant.  I was worried about having to tell her we wouldn’t be able to come.  Imagine my relief when she decided on a local wedding.

But then came the bridesmaid dresses.  What if I bought something and got pregnant and then had to buy another dress?  What if they couldn’t alter anything similar?   Was this going to totally stress the bride out?!?!  These seem like silly worries, I know, but it was just one more thing that my infertility is affecting.

We went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday afternoon.  I casually mentioned possibly needing something to be very alterable.  Court was super quick and willing to accommodate our hypothetical baby.  She quickly changed from short, sleek dresses, to long, flowing dresses without batting an eye.  David’s Bridal even carries a strap on bump so you can make sure the dress looks nice over a belly.

So here I am, in all of my bellied glory, feeling both sad and amused.  And feeling all the more honored to be apart of this wedding.  And thankful for this friend who is willing to be so supportive.  Thanks for being such a chill bride, Court.  You’re wedding is going to be beautiful!

I’m leaving in a few minutes for our appointment with Dr. B.  Cross your fingers for a diagnoses.  Any diagnoses is better than what we have now.

3 years <3

11 Jun

Tomorrow, Jeremy and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary.  In reality, it’s not such a long time, but with everything that’s been going on, it feels like our wedding was a lifetime ago.  We were blissfully ignorant of what it meant to be married, to be adults, and to struggle with infertility.  We were 21 years old.  Yikes.

We were crazy young when we got married.  Our rocky first year of marriage probably stemmed from that inability to understand what marriage really meant.  But we clamored through it with the help of an awesome marriage counselor and turned our marriage into one we cherish and are proud of.
I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t want kids when we got married.  I had no interest whatsoever and Jeremy just went along with it (hoping I would change my mind, of course 😉 ).  But once we got our marriage on the right track and we started caring for each other the way we should have all along, I started to desperately want to make a family with my husband, to create something that would be such a symbol of our love for each other and would complete our family.

I’ve never worried that our struggle with infertility would tear our marriage apart.  I love and support my husband and I know he loves and supports me as well.  We’ve become closer and stronger through this and I am so lucky to be celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary with this wonderful man.


I also took the time tonight to finally upload our professional wedding photos to facebook.  It only took 3 years… 😉

Farms and Weddings.

11 Oct

My weekend went surprisingly fast.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty apprehensive, but it’s amazing what a glass of wine does to make everything seem a little better 😉

On Saturday, I went to Kuiper’s Farm with my mom, sister, and niece to check out their fall/Halloween festivities.  We had a nice time…

Spooky or posed? You decide. 😉

And made some friends…


And of course, we got some delicious apple cider donuts. Yum. 🙂

Saturday evening, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house to visit with my grandparents and my other aunt and uncle.   They were all in town from Michigan for the weekend to be at my dad’s wedding on Sunday.

While it was nice for everyone to be together, it was weird watching my dad get married for a third time.  We like Colleen and I’m glad that my dad is happy.  It’s just a really weird feeling.  Confused?  Me too.

We’re hoping she mellows him out a little bit. 😉

It was nice for all 7 of us to be in the same vicinity.  It will probably be a while before it happens again.

High School Musical would be so ashamed...

We gained 3 new step-siblings..

The fluffy ones are my brothers...;)

My grand total of siblings and step siblings? 10.  And then you can get into in-laws and spouses and it gets really out of control (think upwards of 16+).  Out. of. control.

All in all, it was more pleasant than I had assumed.