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So THAT’S Why I Majored in English….

31 Aug

I had my first English class of the semester tonight and I feel completely relieved. 🙂

When last semester ended, I was seriously questioning why I had majored in English.  I was burned out, and fed up with school.  So I opted to take a philosophy class over the summer and opted to use up 2 gen ed classes on non English credits this fall semester.  I had those two classes yesterday and I was completely ready to just drop out of school by the end of them.

My sociology class is dealing with urban issues and social constructs, while my political science class is an introduction to international relations.  I thought they would both be useful for whenever Jeremy and I move abroad.
They. Are. So. Dry.
I assumed it was me and I was still feeling like I was feeling at the end of spring semester.  Until I got to my Modern American Literature class tonight.  I had to drive out to Schaumburg — a 45 minute drive on a good day– so I was already in a bad mood about it.  But once class began and we started to discuss the wonderful world of literature, I was reminded why I chose this major: I Love Books.  Its not even just the reading of them (although that obviously plays a big part).  Its the way they fit into history, the way they are history.  Its the feel of a book in your hand.  Its the act of interpreting what an author could mean.  Its debating the pros and cons of certain authors.  The act of immersing yourself into a story the way you might immerse yourself into a pool of water (or a bathtub 😉 ).  The act of understanding characters and letting them become a part of you briefly.   The reasons I love what I do are endless and ongoing.  As books will always continue to be written and the way you can interpret them are limitless,  my eduction is also limitless.

Does this have any practicality in the real world you might ask?  I’m still working on that one… 😉

Tomorrow: Creative Writing.  Delicious.

Alsoooooooo, I started my first sweater today.  NO FROGGING THIS ONE!  I used my Eco Wool that I bought during the Chicago Yarn Crawl with Christine.   I think its going to be super comfy.  Or rather, I hope its going to be super comfy. 😉

What I Learned This Weekend

29 Aug

What a horrible blogger I am…

I have plenty to write about, but as I’m tired and just got home from a couple days of visiting friends in Wisconsin, I’ll just give you a quick Top Ten List about the things I learned this weekend…

10.  If there’s a butterfly within a 5 mile radius, it will inevitably end up on my windshield and/or stuck to my windshield wipers… 😦

9.  The lyrics to Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie”.  After a collective hour on repeat, I do a pretty kick ass Eminem impression… You can’t even tell the difference 😉

8.  My sinuses protest the Northern Wisconsin pollen count.

7.  I’m inevitably draw to the married people versus the single people in a room.

6.  I don’t care to travel without my husband….

5.  BUT, I do enjoy driving with the radio at ridiculously loud volumes.

4.  I’m easily amused by big baptist choirs, mariachi, country, etc while driving.  I rocked out for at least 2 hours to those stations between Wausau, WI and DeKalb, IL….

3.  Driving through Wisconsin and northern Illinois at night is super.creepy.

2.  I can’t help but listen to B96 and KIS FM as soon as I leave DeKalb…  I was pop/r&b deprived I guess…

1.  I have a Steel.Bladder. 😉

More to come soon.  School starts tomorrow and I will probably have a plethora of time between classes that I’m putting off doing real work. 😉

No More High School!?

3 Aug

Almost every night for the past week I’ve been having dreams that I’m back in high school.  And every single dream, there is something desperately wrong with whatever is happening. 
In one dream, I’m back on stage performing Hamlet senior year and I can’t remember a single line and then I fall on my face.  In another, I can’t find the choir room and I’ve missed 3 weeks worth of choir sessions (I’m still terrified of Meg Papodolias, obviously).  At some point I get trapped in the lunch room and the security guards also prove to be useless.  And finally, its registration again (you remember those lines, right?) and they can’t find me in the computer and then they can’t find my books and I never do end up making it to class.   

Here I am, getting ready to enter my 5th and final year of college and I’m having unpleasant high school dreams again!?  Wasn’t once through it enough?!
These dreams wouldn’t be so odd if they didn’t keep happening one right after the other.  I’ve never put a ton of merit into dreams and their meanings, but sometimes I think your subconscious is really trying to tell you something.  I did a quick search of “dream interpretation high school mishaps” and here are a few of the things I found…

“To visit the schoolhouse of your childhood days, portends that discontent and discouraging incidents overshadows the present.”

“To dream of a high school, foretells ascension to more elevated positions in love, as well as social and business affairs. For a young woman to be suspended from a high school, foretells she will have troubles in social circles.”

“This one arises because I’m worried I’ve forgotten something, am overlooking something, or am concerned about completing something. Obviously another performance anxiety dream.” (in regards to forgetting my lines).

Hmmm… I always feel like I’m forgetting something — such is the nature of my personality.  However, I have the sinking feeling that change is coming.  Somewhere– whether its just the fact that I will no longer be a student in less than a year or something more.  I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.
I hate waiting.