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28 Apr

Someone is enjoying being back in his hometown. 🙂

So after the weirdest first day of vacation I’ve ever had, we’re in Toronto and managed to have a good night’s sleep.  Between switching hotels, converting metric measurements, getting lost in downtown Toronto while completely exhausted, and a 4 am fire alarm the hotel, our vacation has been a memorable one so far. 😉
It’s definitely been an adventure.  We did, however, have the easiest border crossing we’ve ever experienced together.  Usually they give us a hard time because I’m American and he’s Canadian and I don’t have his last name.  But they let us right through.

And, for having taken 2 clomid so far in this cycle, I’m feeling great in comparison to last month.  I’ve had a little bloating, cramping, and disorientation, but I’m functioning well. 🙂  I took the advice of taking it at night, which I think is really helping.  I also wonder if knowing what to expect and having this  weird vacation to focus on have helped me handle it better.  Either way, I’m not complaining.  I’m so thankful for the few symptoms I do have. 🙂

We’re off to take Toronto by storm in a few minutes.  There’s a few neat textile stores I want to see.  And of course, the St. Lawrence Market is always a favorite. 🙂

Positive, Positive, Positive

25 Apr

I’m focusing on the positives today.

1.  We leave on our vacation Friday morning.  We’re leaving Chicago super early and going through Detroit to have lunch with a friend from college, then straight to Toronto to see Jeremy’s Grandparents.  We’ll stay there until Sunday morning, when we’ll drive to a cute little inn in Niagara Falls.  We usually go to warm locations on our spring vacations, but I’m looking forward to not having to wear my bikini this year.  That clomid has not been kind to my mid section. 😉  Not to mention I’ll be taking clomid over the course of our entire trip.  Hot flashes on a beach?  No thank you.  In hind sight, this was a well planned location. 🙂 50 degrees = sweaters and hoodies!

2. We have wine tasting vouchers to 5 different wineries in Niagara Falls.  As for me?  There is no two week wait or baby up in here.  HELLOOOOO, Wine Tasting. 😉 *hands Jeremy the keys*

3.  We have a jacuzzi in our hotel room.

4.  We put an offer in on the house with the blue kitchen!!!

5.  My mom gave me a giftcard for new shoes.  I’m going shoe shopping tomorrow. 🙂

I am happy today.  I will be happy tomorrow.  In fact, I will probably be happy for the next 24 days… 🙂  I should plan a vacation or buy a house after my period starts every month. 😉

“New face of infertility: Under 35, frustrated”

24 Apr

I have to share this article from USA Today.   Mostly because it makes me so happy that someone is starting to pay attention to how horrible young infertility really is.   This article focuses more on the late twenties and early thirties, but it’s better than ignoring how much of a problem being young and infertile really is.  I don’t like that it makes young women out to be impatient to have babies and implies that they go for fertility treatments before the first year mark.  It mostly irritates me because although I desperately felt like something was wrong, I managed to wait a whole year before starting testing and medication.

I’ve talked about this before and how angry it makes me when people mention that I “still have time” or that I’m “still so young.”  I’m often treated like my infertility isn’t a real problem because I’m not in my late thirties or forties.  I often question whether my doctor is trying very hard to help us get pregnant or if she feel like we’re not a priority.

I hate that there are two sides of infertile men and women (the ones who waited to have children and are now fighting maternal age, and the ones who tried to have children when they’re young and are fighting their failing bodies) and that they’re constantly feuding over which has it worse.

Whether you have more time or are running out of time, being infertile hurts in every way possible.  It hurts physically when you’re undergoing treatments and testing, it is heartbreaking emotionally to have to grieve a loss every single month,  and it’s painful in your relationships because your friends and family cannot understand the way you feel.  Your age doesn’t make anything feel better or anything feel worse.  Being young and infertile sucks.  Being older and infertile sucks just as much.

My goal this National Infertility Awareness Week is to advocate for young infertility awareness.  Not because I think it’s more important, but because I feel it often doesn’t get as much attention and is just as important.


16: The Facts of Life

22 Apr

1. I am 24 years old.

2.  I am not overweight.  I am not underweight.

3.  I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol.

4.  I eat generally healthy foods.

5.  I got married and I finished college.

6.  I love my husband very much.

7.  I take a prenatal vitamin every night.

8. I go to fertility acupuncture once a week.

9.  I have unexplained infertility.

10.  I feel like a failure.

11.  We’re getting ready to start our second round of clomid.

12.  I will be 25 before we have a baby.  I said the same thing last year about being 24.

13.  I have no idea what we’re doing wrong.

Ps.  Happy National Infertility Awareness Week.  Or something.

Blue Kitchens

21 Apr

Still hanging in here at 12 dpo and CD 31.  Still getting negative pregnancy tests though.  Who knows what’s going on…  This excess water weight is killing me very slowly though…

On a positive note, I think we may have found our house. =)
The kitchen spoke to me…

Do you see those tiles in the back splash?  They’re Swedish tiles.  My mom and sister have some of these exact tiles hanging in their kitchen.  I’ve always wanted some of my own.  It’s fate.  And it’s blue.  I LOVE every part of the kitchen.  Plus a double oven, first floor laundry off the kitchen, HUGE family room, and a big backyard.  Only negative: no basement.  But I love it so much that I’m ok with that.

We’re talking about putting an offer in soon.   It’s a short sale, so who knows how it will turn out.  I’m already attached. 😉

Clomid Cycle 1: Day 29

19 Apr

I thought for sure that today would be a total meltdown.  My period is due today or tomorrow and my temperature has dropped as of this morning, but I’m hoping that the horrible sleep I got last night has something to do with it.  Although, even with the drop, it’s still higher than it has ever been before at this point in my cycle.

We had a very negative test at 5am when I just couldn’t hold it anymore.  (I usually temp at 6:30.  Maybe another reason for the temperature drop?).  But we’re only 10 days past ovulation, so it could definitely be too soon to test.  Or it really is negative.  Negative. Negative.

I’ve never ever ever ever seen a positive pregnancy test, so it wasn’t horribly surprising to me to see the negative.

BUT that won’t stop me from peeing on my arsenal of home pregnancy tests over the next couple days.

You know you probably have an infertility problem when you buy a different brand of pregnancy tests every time you go grocery shopping. 😉


I suppose my major question is for you ladies who have taken clomid before is: Were your cycles longer than usual on your failed rounds or were they the same length they always were?


Progesterone – Beasted

16 Apr

My Dr. emailed me my blood test results from last week so I could see the levels.  31.  31. 31. 31. 31. 31. 31.

My progesterone is at a 31.  Without supplements.  My uterus is a beast. 15 or more is ideal.  =)


We are rocking this cycle. =)