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She’s a man, Baby!

5 Jul

I. Smell. Like. A. Man… Baby… 😉

Let me explain before your mind starts to run wild with the crazy ideas that I’m more than capable of.  I haven’t been hanging out in a gentleman’s club, not gone on any hot dates, nor am I exploring the possibility of a gender change (Kudos to you if you’ve been doing any of those, though 😉 ).

Alas, I’ve finally tried my black tea flavored bath dough.  Its great! – for your dad, boyfriend, son, brother, etc.  Not so much for me.  I’ll stick to my pink grapefruit.
Being the tea lover that I am, I thought for sure a black tea scent would be fabulous.  I’ll stick to sipping my peach tea (which I bought in Beijing and am currently out of, curses!).

I’ve been drinking a lot of jasmine tea lately until I find a replacement peach tea.  Every time I drink it,  I’m instantly transported back to Beijing and Xi’an, where jasmine tea was present at every. single. meal.  Sans sugar of course, which forced me to become a fan of unsweetened tea..  Since I hated Beijing, I like to focus on Xi’an.  Such a beautiful city.

Flowers get me every time...

Anywho, the summer is half over and I have no idea what I’ve been doing with myself…  Reading a lot.  Class.  Work.  Being lame.  I’ll work on changing that and get back to you.  😉


Books and Words.

21 Jun

When I write anything, I always write it by hand first — taking the time to craft my letters, words, and sentences, and to see the piece take form.  I love the feel of writing and forming letters.  I love the way no one’s handwriting is exactly the same — its like personal art.  I love the way an entire page of writing looks (bonus if its written in fuscia fine tipped markers like mine often are 😉 ).  I love not having a program tell me I misspelled something (as I often do).  Sometimes the way I spell it is far superiour to Webster’s Dictionary… 😛  (In actuality, I just don’t want to be bothered with correcting myself until I’m finished).  My journals are full of line slashed words, boxes, arrows and far too many smiley faces.  I love the act of writing. 🙂  This is probably why I’m so fascinated with other languages, especially languages like Chinese that use entirely different characters than me.

Beijing 2010 - Only the Chinese could write a sign so elegantly.. 😉

And then there’s my love of books.  I use the word “love” lightly here as its really closer to an obsession.  I buy far too many books.  Constantly.  I buy more books than I possibly have time to read (and I read a lot).  Why?  Because they’re beautiful.  My dream office is a tall, open room with double doors.  Directly across from the double doors is a HUGE window.  Sometimes its floor to ceiling, and sometimes it just spans the width of the room.  My big desk sits with its back to the window, facing the double doors and a small, but obscenely comfortable, sitting area.  Lining the remaining walls (I never said the room was square ;-)) are floor to ceiling bookshelves.  They are, obviously, full of books. My desk will most likely have books piled on it, as will the coffee table.  A goldfish tank will be built into one of the walls’ bookshelves (Have I mentioned I love goldfish too?).  The style of furniture and the color schemes are ever changing, but I will always decorate with my books.  They’re as unique as people, as unique as handwriting.  They are also art.

This past spring, I came across a brilliant idea to combine my love of handwriting and books.  An idea that was so simple I should have thought of it long ago:  Recycled Vintage Book Journals.  🙂  Old books that have been (*gasp*) torn apart and made into spiral notebooks.  They’re beautiful and creative.  The first one I bought made me laugh, but alas its pages are unlined and it still hasn’t been used. 😦  Since then though, I’ve been sifting through Etsy looking for the best ones.  I’ve never heard of most of the books I’ve seen, which makes coming up with a story that fits the title all the more interesting.
I will, very shortly, be in dire need of another journal.  I’ve found a seller who makes them exactly the way I want them to be: spiral bound, with LOTS of lined pages.  Simplicity.  She’s got quite a few that I want.  Some of the titles in her stock that I’m dying for include: One Hundred Lessons in Spelling, Assignment in Danger,  Personality Plus, Magnificent Obsession (I think that’s my favorite so far ;-)), Reuel Makes a Decision, Tales for Males, German for Beginners, The New History of America, and Sky Castle.

Hard decision, right?  I’ll keep you updated. 😉

Oh and no bath product today.  Although I did try the lavender scent from that Bath Dough last night.  Also fabulous.

Tequila, eh?

20 Jun

Those bath products I ordered from Etsy earlier this week got here a couple days ago, but I just got around to trying them out today.  LOVE THEM!  I had never heard of “Bath Dough” before, but it sounded interesting, so I thought I’d try it out.  Its actual dough and you rub your hands together under running water and it makes the best bubbles.  Red Leaf makes a bunch of different scents and I couldn’t help myself, so I ordered a few. 🙂  I tried the Pink Grapefruit out and its got the most wonderful, subtle scent.  I’m sure the Lavender and the Black Tea scents will be just as fabulous. 🙂  Definitely recommend.

I’ve been in a weird mood so far this weekend, and as I skimmed my journal for a good blog topic, nothing really struck my fancy.  The topics I had to choose from included: “Dream interpretation”, “Why I believe in the phrase ‘Its not you, its me'”, “When I write the best stories”, “Why I’d be a kick ass single parent”, and “Why I should wear more sunscreen”, among other things.  None of these sounded very promising outside of a journaling context, trust me.
And so, here’s something else for your reading pleasure in honor of the night I desperately need…

The top ten things alcohol has taught me:

10.  Don’t drink an entire bottle (or 2) of any type of liquor.  Its really not worth it.
9.    For God’s sake, stay off of emails, webcams, facebook, and phones if the need to consume that much liquor is that present.
8.     Keep your clothes on.
7.     If you’re sad when you start drinking, you’ll be even more sad once you’ve finished.  Save yourself the trouble and just don’t.
6.     Drunken dancing is not attractive.  Ever.
5.     Some of the best relationships can be forged and maintained over a glass of alcohol.
4.     Pull a Hemingway and get as much writing down as possible.  Later revisions will, of course, be necessary.
3.     I love you.  Even if I hate you.
2.     You will be hugged.  Multiple times.
1.     Clarity. is. gold. (and a few shots of tequila).

Day 1-

15 Jun

In honor of this new bathtub adventure of mine, I hopped over to Etsy and bought some interesting new bath products.  I’ll tell you all about them once they get here and I have a chance to try them out.  Some very interesting flavors are making their way to Chicago from Seattle though. =)

In the meantime, I’m reading Amy Hempel’s Reasons to Live.  I don’t love her.  But as the first story in that collection is the inspiration for this blog, I’ve decided that I must give her a chance.  Don’t love her minimalist approach as I tend to be a little longer winded about things I’m passionate about.  Maybe I need to learn to be like her.  Say more in less words. 😉

Currently using: Philosophy: Candy Cane bubble bath. ❤

–> Be sure to check out the “About My Bathtub” tab….. =)