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Radiant Heating

7 Dec

I love the old apartments we’ve lived in.  They have personality.  The feel lived in and comfortable.  They suite us.

They have… radiators.  Yikes.  😉

When we moved into our first apartment on Austin Boulevard. in Oak Park, I was skeptical.  It was old, kind of dirty, had loud traffic and frequent sirens outside, and had radiators that I was sure wouldn’t keep me warm.  It had a tiny bathroom with an ugly cupboard that promptly got removed, scars all over the pretty wood floor, ugly red cabinets in the kitchen, flimsy shelving in the closets, and of course, let’s not forget the infamous first cockroach incident.
I spent 2 days bleaching every inch of that apartment before we moved in.  Scrubbing and scrubbing until I was sure every speck of dirt from the previous tenant was gone for good.  And then we moved in.  And fell in love.  (with the apartment, I mean). 😉  Every distorted piece of flooring was ours, the flimsy wood shelving was our flimsy wood shelving, and, by golly, those were our darn cockroaches!

The first time I heard the radiators come on, I jumped a foot in the air.  I was sure the building was going to fall down on top of us, that noxious fumes were seeping out of those hissing metal ridges, and that I would never be able to sleep again.

Pop. Pop. Wuuurrr.  Weeeee.  Clank.  Clank.  POP.  Eeeee.  Fsssss.  Clank.  shhhh.

It didn’t take long before those noises that put me on edge constantly were lulling me into a comfortable sleep.  I began to relax when the radiators turned on.  They were warmth, comfort, and home.

We’ve moved since that apartment to another older apartment across town.  It’s bigger, cheaper, and no where near as good as our old place.  It’s a beautiful apartment, don’t get me wrong, but Jeremy and I talk frequently about how much we miss that old apartment on Austin Boulevard.  The thing that comforts me most when I’m really missing that old place is the distant clanks and pops and fizzes from our radiators.

Final Exams and Final Thoughts

6 Dec

It’s  cold in Chicago today.  Like Epically cold.  It’s even ice cold in Starbucks.  All the more incentive to make myself some fingerless mits… 😉

In other news… Finals have begun..

Or, rather, they’ve been begun.  I’m so close to being finished for the semester it hurts a little.  My motivation is lacking more than ever.  I have to give a debate today about the dire negative effects of global warming.  Who might really disagree with me I have no idea.  After that, I need to write a 6 page paper on Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”  It will probably only end up being 5 pages because I just don’t care anymore.  To finish the week, Lukasik’s final portfolio is due on Wednesday afternoon.  Cake.
I have a final on Monday, but I don’t plan on even thinking about it until Saturday night.
I found out after my sociology class today that I received an A+ on my final paper and thus secured an A in the class.  I really liked that class.  For the first time, I think I’m a little sad about a class ending.  I know I often complained about the class not presenting multiple sides to an issue, but I feel like it’s one of the first times I’ve had a class that helped me learn how to think critically about the world I live in.  Everything we talked about this semester is applicable to current events.  I do love English and literature, but little of it has real world applications.

I don’t think I’ll be getting my masters in English.  I might work on an MFA at some point, but I think I’m finished studying English literature.  I’ll look into sociology or education or something that can be more productive in helping people.  I definitely wasn’t ready to choose my career at 18.  Or at 19. Or at 20… Or at 23… So, I’m very glad I opted to get a degree in something that allows me to be more flexible with the direction I go in next, something that grew as I grew and allowed me to become anyone I wanted to be.

In other news, an elderly gentleman next to me just asked me what “LOL” means…  It made me laugh out loud. 😉

Off to a week full of caffeine!