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She’s a man, Baby!

5 Jul

I. Smell. Like. A. Man… Baby… 😉

Let me explain before your mind starts to run wild with the crazy ideas that I’m more than capable of.  I haven’t been hanging out in a gentleman’s club, not gone on any hot dates, nor am I exploring the possibility of a gender change (Kudos to you if you’ve been doing any of those, though 😉 ).

Alas, I’ve finally tried my black tea flavored bath dough.  Its great! – for your dad, boyfriend, son, brother, etc.  Not so much for me.  I’ll stick to my pink grapefruit.
Being the tea lover that I am, I thought for sure a black tea scent would be fabulous.  I’ll stick to sipping my peach tea (which I bought in Beijing and am currently out of, curses!).

I’ve been drinking a lot of jasmine tea lately until I find a replacement peach tea.  Every time I drink it,  I’m instantly transported back to Beijing and Xi’an, where jasmine tea was present at every. single. meal.  Sans sugar of course, which forced me to become a fan of unsweetened tea..  Since I hated Beijing, I like to focus on Xi’an.  Such a beautiful city.

Flowers get me every time...

Anywho, the summer is half over and I have no idea what I’ve been doing with myself…  Reading a lot.  Class.  Work.  Being lame.  I’ll work on changing that and get back to you.  😉


Speaking of Webster’s Dictionary…

22 Jun

This post will probably only make sense to and amuse a handful of people, but just go with it.

I went to China this past March with a group from my university.  It was an amazing trip.  Everything about it was fantastic.  I cannot wait to go back and I completely recommend it to everyone.
BUT.  We had a tour guide in Beijing –Eddy… Oh, Eddy…  He LOVED the word “auspicious.”  And when I say “LOVED”  I really mean LOVED.  Everything was auspicious.  The mountain, the lake, the tree, the sculpture, the tomb, the black birds, the cherry tree, the rock, his beloved crabapple tree… You get the idea.  My best friend, Christine, and I got so confused by his use of the word that we had to go back to our hotel room and look it up just to make sure we weren’t crazy.  We weren’t.  And techically, the use of the word is a completely matter of opinion.

Then yesterday, I got an email from Christine who subscribes to Webster’s Word of the Day emails (another brilliant idea that I am also subscribing to).  What was Saturday’s word?  AUSPICIOUS.  Fabulous.  It even had this lovely little fact about the word:

“”Auspicious” comes from Latin “auspex,” which literally means “bird seer” (from the words “avis,” meaning “bird,” and “specere,” meaning “to look”). In ancient Rome, these “bird seers” were priests, or augurs, who studied the flight and feeding patterns of birds, then delivered prophecies based on their observations. The right combination of bird behavior indicated favorable conditions, but the wrong patterns spelled trouble. The English noun “auspice,” which originally referred to this practice of observing birds to discover omens, also comes from Latin “auspex.” Today, the plural form “auspices” is often used with the meaning “kindly patronage and guidance.””

Oh Eddy…